November 11, 2061 : We need you !

vue_d_ensemble_de_l_ile_amsterdamDuring the second decade of the twenty-first century, the conservationist institutions had to reply to vigorous calls from a part of the planet’s population, in search of the honest truth, all these calls emanating from consumer societies showing increasingly exasperated behavior.

These associations, coming from all countries, formed an association sharing the same zeal. This combination, the World Ecologist Federation (WEF) immediately launched a comprehensive acquisition plan : The WEF set itself the task of buying islands of various sizes, from just a rock to more impressive groups, spread over the whole of the planet. A major part of this new association’s resources were brought together on these islands of Biodiversity. At the same time, countries such as France again raised the question of establishing a voluntary service. The all-new Islands of Biodiversity needed a helping hand. The young people were thirsty for a commitment, governments sought voluntary service teams not needing too much investment … The Missions or the Islands were launched. ?The Islands of Biodiversity’s mascot replaced Uncle Sam, but the message is still the same : We need you, get involved ! The 40th awareness campaign of the Islands of Biodiversity’s Missions is an opportunity to look back on what has become, in a little less than half a century, a global institution : these became extra-national territories by UN decree, in which all means of preserving the species in danger were used… Islands on which extinct life forms come back to life.

The UN, far from its usual wait-and-see attitude, was quick to note the effectiveness of work carried out on the Islands. The benefits to the entire global community are important and yet … The state of the planet remains a concern. The UN’s interest and recognition are thus crystallized through the establishment of this extra-territorial status, much to the chagrin of the “expropriated” countries and industrialists outraged by agreed benefits that they would have liked to enjoy ! Today there are no fewer than 30 islands of Biodiversity around the world.

The WEF lawyers continue to negotiate what the Islands of Biodiversity’s opponents call “annexation”. The area managed by the WEF grows by about 15% annually, as much as their success : specialists’ success but also the general public’s success : each birth, each return of an animal which had disappeared is an opportunity for the WEF to talk about it.

The global genotype pool, the Ark of Spitsbergen too, has shown its relevance in the success of these wildlife sanctuaries. The Ark, known for its collection of seeds, has today become the largest library of genetic codes in digital format. It was decided, at the beginning, to “digitize” the DNA of all life on earth, until DNA’s artificial combinations have been mastered. This technique has now been finalized : one can now feasibly create an adult person. Paying candidates are not lacking … The WEF receives all kinds of donations, under the supervision of various financial audit and accounting agencies. Voluntary service by the young people throughout the world is the best of these gifts, without expectation of any return. So let us not mince words : “We need you”, get involved !

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11 nov. 2011